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So, you've watched all of the face painting tutorials, gotten all of your supplies, have killer amazing painting skills...but you're stuck in your business. Or maybe you are deciding to pick things back up and don't know where to begin.


I'm super excited to offer a solution;



Together, we'll talk about my tried and tested business strategies that have allowed me to scale a team of 1 to over 20 artists, turning my business into a 6 figure entity,  and ultimately do what I love as my full time career.

The best part?

It's only $17 per month, and you can try it

out for an entire week for FREE!

If you don't feel you're learning anything, you can cancel anytime. But, I assure you, the value you'll receive from this investment will be so much more than what you'll pay.


  • How to Target and Attract Corporate Clients

  • How to Rank Your Business on Google and Increase Organic Leads

  • Access to Free Website Templates

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • How To Work With Major Sports Teams (NBA, MLS, ETC)

  • Weekly Tasks to Help Scale Your Business

  • QR Code Creation and How It Can Help Your Business

  • How to Create Stunning and Attractive Graphics

  • Access to Contract Examples and Booking Form Templates

  • How to Price Your Services and Increase Average Order Value

  • Live Marketing Talks and Q&A

  • Tips on Creating Higher Website Conversion

  • Behind the Scenes with Industry Pros

  • Commercial and Film Work Etiquette

  • Live Q&A with Certified Legal and Tax Professionals

  • Business Software Tutorials (Managersal, Honeybook, and More)

  • How to Subcontract the Right Way

  • Tutorials on Google Analytics and Website Data Analysis Tools

  • How to Network to Grow Your Networth

  • How to Setup and Optimize Google My Business Profile

  • Networking and Lead Sharing Opportunities

  • Tips for Working Large Festivals & Fairs

  • How to Create Recurring Clientele

  • Plus Much More!




In 2011, I was a struggling single mom, on social services, and at an underpaid job I absolutely hated. The only thing I knew is that I had a passion for art and desperately needed enough money to leave my horrible 9-to-5 job. As fate would have it, I stumbled upon something amazing while out with my daughter at a local neighborhood festival; the art of face painting. From there, I threw myself into trying to figure out how to learn this new found art, and ultimately how I could potentially make money at it.

The next 2 years would be used by making my then 3/4 year old daughter a practice model (you'd never believe how much she hates it now, lol), and honing in on cultivating my business skills. I made a website and then wondered, how will people find it? This was the beginning of the most transformational skill I learned for scaling my business: SEO, aka how to rank my website on Google. Within a year I used DIY strategies to rank our website on the first page for the keywords "Portland Face Painting", then shortly after we rank, and still do currently, #1 on Google.

After this magical marketing trick, our demand skyrocketted, and I was forced to scale a team for larger event requests. I quickly started being contracted by major clients, such as Nike, Disney, Hulu, Netflix, our local NBA team, MLS team, and even private celebrity clients! Some other major projects I've worked on include a T-mobile commercial and even a Disney Movie. If you would've told this single mom barely making ends meet that this was possible, I don't think I would have believed it!

So now, in the spirit of finding new ways to educate and empower our community, I'm excited to embark on this new adventure with you. I'll share my extensive knowledge, marketing strategies, and even share some of my fails so that you may avoid making similar mistakes. It may feel uncomfortable at times as I will definitely push you to grow, but on the other side my only wish is that you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams.


See you in The Accelerator!

Celese Williams

how does it work?

We'll meet inside of a private Facebook group where there will be live weekly trainings and tutorials, access to business templates, giveaways and more! You'll be directed to join after your registration is complete.

what's the cost?

There is a monthly subscription fee of $17, and you can try it for a week FREE! Once you register any tools, templates or guides are available at no additional charge. Cancel anytime by following the instructions HERE.

How Do i get help or contact someone?

Feel free to email anytime!


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